Feb 15, 2010

Day thirteen

We went to a cave today! It was amazing, a lime-stone you know the ones with lots of spirals hanging down from the roof. Some places of the cave looked like crystals.

As any cave would be it was freezing, we felt like we were dressed for a winter holiday in Canada! ;)I've never enjoyed being cold in such a long time as i did in that beautiful cave.

Well...only today, tomorrow, and day after till we leave its gone ever so fast i can't count! It's gonna be really upsetting to leave Auntie Mel, Uncle Jamie, Chloe, Sam, Lucie, Grace, Tom, and Ben, and Uncle Ian, Auntie Shari and Lachlen and Maya. AND Nana AND Grandad. (Boy what a lot of missing)

The photos of the cave will be by far the best out of the lot.


  1. Can't wait for pics!

  2. Sounds like you had fun!

  3. Hey, I'm Monica's sister Jessica (the one that was in the background on the live chat). It was cool chatting with you today! Nice to meet you! :D

  4. Thanks Jessica it was nice to meet you too.


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