Feb 13, 2010

Day Six, Seven, Eight, Nine , & ten

Sorry I've not been posting as much i've been really busy!!
(once you read this you'll understand why)

Day six

Today we went to a lovely old place(house) called Woolmers.
The house itself dates back to 1840! As you can imagine its very old and grand, the dining room is like a castle and its just amazing to walk in such a beautiful mansion!

Woolmers is the one stop place for history, it was the biggest place in Australia for convict labor. They built it close to a river and the view is stunning!! My sister was taking all the photos and i can't wait to put them up!

Day seven

Today we went to TASMAZEIA! As you can imagine it has heaps of mazes, the biggest maze place in the world!

It was so much fun. It had a Minnie town called Crack Pot village you know all the Minnie houses and stuff, the giant maze was the best out of all, we went in a spook house, PITCH BLACK! And cubby hole town was very well done. Crackpot coronation place was cool,and the mazes were fantastic.

Photos soon.

Day eight

Happy birthday! Today is my baby sister's first b'day!

Well we (as in us brothers and sisters) all got her a cute dolly back-pack and Mum and Dad gave her a beautiful soft doll she loves it!

Day nine

Another house, not twice as lovely as Woolmers but very big!

Mum couldn't convince Dad and the boys to come along so it was just me, Mum, and my sister. The weather was a bit rainy so that was a nice change to the hot days we have been having.

We droped in on our cousins on the way back which was nice to see Chloe again.

Day Ten

Richmond a small yet darling town that no girl with a love for "old fashioned places" couldn't stay away from!

It has an old gaol built in 1823 (yeah i know old) Very well done and a bit spooky.

The whole town was built by convicts and its amazingly beautiful!

The oldest brige in Australia stands there, we went over it it was built by the convicts same time as the gaol, very old yet beautiful.

Got some nice photos, hope to put them up soon.

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