Feb 14, 2010

Day Eleven,and Twelve

Hi and happy valentines!

Monica from The chic boutique and i will be hosting a valentines contest for today and tomorrow, i'll be suppling the prizes,and she will have the contest on her blog.

If u would like to enter just go to her blog at www.thechicboutique.blogspot.com.

Day Eleven

Putt Putt golf today! Boy was it fun!Only a small corse but very tricky.

Tonight we are going to Aunty Mel's place for dinner and sleep over, if you want to see the photos of last night just go to her blog www.sweetblueskydays.blogspot.com.

Hope you guys have played putt putt before, if not then try to fit it in with ur busy lifes its great!

Day Twelve

Wow! Last night was fantastic! Chloe and me had a ball our very first sleepover together was just lovely!

They've got a small cubby type atic next to their bedrooms all set up nicely and Chloe and I both slept there, it was a bit cold but nice.

Back home now and feeling a bit sleepy, off to a under ground cave soon (:D) and can't wait to put up a post about that do that tomorrow.

God Bless!

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