Jan 15, 2010

The the attitude change

Most of you readers are in your early teens or about to be, well i've had to be careful lately with my attitude...all kids have a bad attitude at times, if you are getting close to your teen years and in them you have to be very careful with this, i thought we could look at new ways to destroy selfish attitude and be a new person in how we act, speak, think, & look.

Do you ever by accident spit something out that wasn't meant to be heard? (I do that a lot and i need to work on it.) Is it by any chance because there is something you don't agree with, or because you are angry at a situation and blame that on someone eles, well don't! You know and I know that that person you comment to had nothing to with your attitude...it was you, right? You can change that...how about looking at that person in a diffirent light, or thinking about how you want people to treat you and go ahead and treat that person that way, or what ever way works for you. You'll find as soon as you look at that person diffirently your heart will start to lift. :)

Crying, it is a daily thing right now...no matter how small the problem you'll cry...i cry.
Even if you don't know why your crying...it just bursts out.
You cry because you are growing up, face it girl, things are changing and you are not used to yourself and you feel like everyone doesn't know what you need and want so you aren't sure were to turn so the tears start to fall.
Like i said your changing and it happens so fast that you are a stranger to your self, you think everyone misunderstands you when you really misunderstand yourself...when you feel like know one understands and feel very right try to see it from their point of veiw, pretend you are them with a girl infront of them that doesn't want to see what they mean, you'll we see how you acted and you can change it and that is a great feeling, life will be so much easier.

No one is perfect not even the best guy in the world but Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and you are perfect in his eyes and remember you can't change ANYTHING if you don't have Jesus helping you.

He loves you!

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  1. That post was ture.
    I have trouble misunderstanding myself lots of times too.
    You are a good writier Katie.


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