Jan 11, 2010

The Popcorn Maker...what a winner!

For Christmas we got a popcorn maker...it makes nicer stuff then the movies! Anyway every day we have popcorn and it gets made in just 3 mins...it is a little treat that could never be boring don't you think? Friends come over we can offer them biscuits and popcorn and freezing cold water, a game of cricket of soccor is always ready to be played (can't forget the nintendo wii) and then the rest of the afternoon is spent watching a movie.

I seem to be one who always is making the popcorn at the moment and i enjoy it! Maybe its because i eat the left-overs (he he) but some how it seems that i just can't miss out on making it!

That means when i go to the movies that we won't have to buy that awlful shop made stuff but make our own and i can always make honey popcorn! Wanna learn how? Heres what you do.

Make some popcorn (duh)

and melt some honey (let it go all runny)

then drizzle honey over cool'd down popcorn

put it in the fringe over night and TA DA! Honey popcorn! Enjoy!


  1. Yummy! Can you comment on my blog, and tell me your e-mail address? I wont publish the comment.

  2. Sure i'll come to ur blog moriah if you tell me what it's called and just go to my profile and on the side it says email me.

  3. Thanks! My blog name is A Preachers Daughter. Here is the link. http://apreachersdaughter.blogspot.com/


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