Jan 5, 2010

A New Way To Be Human

Do you go to to church? Do you sing songs and praise his name? Have you seen people been healed? Have you help bring people to Christ? If you answerd yes to most of these questions then this is for you!

We all know that some people are without Jesus and are struggling to live on their own, they don't want to go to church or ask the Lord to heal them, i know someone like that...he is a great guy but the only problem is he doesn't want to be saved.

I believe the lord set us on the earth for a purpose and that purpose is to love him, and love others, cherish him, and cherish others but most of all...share the love and light of God with the world!

When i was about eight, i felt a need...a need to do something for Jesus, so one day i found out that God had put me on this earth for an amazing purpose, he said to me that i was to become a missonary! I was so excited, even though i would have rathered be a princess then (he He)  but i was very excited! I have hung on to that dream and let it grow in the light of lord since then now it is so tall i try to let people know about Jesus each time i meet someone new.

Last year in May i had joined this site called Barbie Girls...it was basicly a chat room and it was bad, though i didn't know that at the time and i meet this girl and we started talking i asked her is she believed in Jesus...she didn't know what i ment at first then she knew...she said yes but her parents don't go to church so she can't.
I started telling her what it was like and she got really excited so she said she'd try and go to church, the next week i got an email from this girl saying that she had gone to church and she loved it! I never have heard from her since and i'll never know if she did go to church but i do know that i introduced Her to God.

Tell the world that Jesus lives...because we are his children...everyone is and all of them need to be with him...and just remember i'm not perfect but everyone is in God's eyes!


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