Jan 27, 2010

A need for prayer

Hello all! Its okay all i'm asking for is prayer for some great weather for Tasmania when we go there next week. It can be very cold and muddy over there any time of year and what i am asking for is beautiful weather to play, swim, exploer,and just having fun. I am very excited and i don't wan't it to be ruined so if its not to much to ask could you please pray? I'll be taking plenty of photos and videos i'll try to keep posting things and if you don't here from me then you know that i can't get to a computer.

I'll be coping down my Nana's resipes and posting them to if i get the time!

I can't wait to see the family down there...my best friend Chole will be there to!

I'll be posting some more after this if not then i'll be packing...if you wan't to contact me while i'm away just leave a comment and i'll try to answer back.

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