Jan 28, 2010

My best friend Chole

Chloe is my cousin and my best friend who lives in Tassie. We haven't seen each other for three years, we meet eleven years ago when i was almost one and she was two, we clicked when we were at least four and from the on it was a friendship that couldn't be broken, we have been keeping in contact phone calls and letters, and now next week i'll be able to see her!!!!!!!!

What fun we are going to have! She is a WONDERFUL girl and
full of laughter and fantastic hugs! Love you Chloe!

P.S here are some photos of us when we were younger.

Photo one: At my eighth b'day. :)

Photo two: Chloe with her baby brother Ben, he's not so small now!! :)


  1. When chole sees what you have put on your blog about her she will be happy! I have almost finished reading your whole blog and mind me it is very long! ,, :D

  2. That's cool you have cousin your age. My cousin is one, and she has a baby brother on the way!!!

  3. Thats great Moriah! Bet she's excited!


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