Jan 20, 2010

Love for my Dad

Most mornings when my father is ready for work he'll ask us; "Whos gonna open the gate for me?" None of us EVER see this as a chore, we love opening the gate for our Daddy...and the reason being is because as he drives past us he will stick his head out of his small white car's window and say to us; "Love you!" We always answer back with; "I love you to Daddy have fun!" then he'll smile at us as he drives away.

Most mornings its me who puts up my hand and says I"LL DO IT! I don't know why but i think i enjoying saying thoose two words to my father and seeing him laugh or smile it makes me feel good inside...so each morning i walk down our long dusty drive way with our small dog Fudge and open the gate...then sun is shining through the gum-trees and i love to whistle as i walk, then thoose two beautiful words that are shared between us give me a WONDERFUL feeling inside me...and i know that God has blessed me with a wonderful father who loves me and all of his family so much that makes me feel like dancing.

We love you  Daddy!


  1. Hello dear Katie! :) Thank you for your questions! :) There is no age range for the blog awards, you can be old or young...but someone has to give you the award, you can't just take it. It's like doing the tags. ;) A follower who enjoys reading your blog has to send it to you and say you have been awarded. :)

    I hope you get one soon dear! :) I think you have a lovely blog here! :)

    Blessings in Christ!
    ~Miss Rachel~

  2. Thank you very much Rachel!

  3. Aww, No matter how old I get I always love waking up to see my dad getting his coffee ready and leaving for work. I love him so much. :)


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