Jan 6, 2010

If i had my own

If i had my own i love faces contest i'd send in this cute pic...what do ya think?

Hey...maybe after my penguin contest...i could have my own i love faces contest! What do you think?


  1. I LOVE your blog!!! Do you want to be friends?

    Fore the penguin contest.

    Middle penguin: Welcome to our herd new comer's!! Group hug!

  2. Okay Moriah! I'd love to be friends!

  3. That's kinda like stealing their idea, maybe you could make up another name for it :) btw, it's,
    i heart faces not i love faces :) Ya know i♥faces cause it's a heart :)

  4. Thank's! I am fowling you!

    I LOVE Trixie Belden!!!!!! And Little House on the Prairie!!! Have you ever read Nancy Drew? I love those boo's to! I have almost the whole series!

  5. Anonymous7.1.10

    Your Blog is great!

  6. Thx Moriah! No i haven't read nancey drew...i'll get on to it! Can i plz have the anonymous readers name?


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