Jan 14, 2010

The Cutest Thing

 My baby sister is now almost one and you know how cute they get at this age! Laughing, smiling, walking, hiding, cuddling up to you...well now she and my younger brother share hugs and kissing  each other! He'll go up to her and give her a kiss on the cheek she'll copy him and give him a big sloppy-open-mouth kiss, so cute, then she'll put her fat chubby arms around his neck and give him a cuddle she does this with all of us, :)

Her birthday is coming up and i'm not sure what to get her...my parents are getting her a doll, i'm pretty sure my sister will be giving her a Barbie so that pretty much covers it. Any ideas? Nothing to practical just something you think she'd like.


  1. Well you could make her a little bag to carry her Barbi in, or to put her favorite toy's in.

  2. Good idea Moriah! thx!

  3. You could give her something like a little teddy bear. Or a little jacket maybe.


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