Jan 16, 2010

A Blessed Day

Do you ever find your self bored of life...i sometimes do,do you wish there was more excitment to it and your dreams would come true? It can be like that at times, of course...we think again later on and start to see that really you wouldn't want it any other way. I found myself waking up the other day and thinking, "What a blessed day this is." And it was.

I think the Lord wants us to do particular things in the day that would make our lives a bit more prettier, like being nice to everybody you lay eyes on...spending time with others, and best yet smiling at what a blessed day it is. My Grandad says that every day is a blessing and i think he has a very WONDERFUL life because of the way he looks at it, he knows that each day is a beautiful blessing and we learn something new and he knows what life is about.

Our lifes are very short...think about it the averge human live around ninety five years of age and we think thats old but really its the blink of an eye, so lets look at life in a blessed way and see each day as a blessing...even if you fight with someone see it as reaching for a chance of being nice to them again and gaining forgiveness, because each day is a blessing.

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