Jan 4, 2010

Beauty Comes From The Heart

Do you know somebody that looks like she just came out of a beauty saloon? New haircut, nails done, mascara and eyeshadow...she looks so pretty and stylish but inside she is diffirent...like she will speak rudely to her parents, bully the younger ones at school, say mean words and act selfishly, do you think she is still beautiful?

Now do you know somebody eles who doesn't dress like a movie star, and doesn't paint her nails or go to the hair dresses but she is kind, caring, friendly, daring, and sweet? I know some people like that...and i admire them for it. Those girls are the most beautiful yet and i am so happy i have them for friends.

I find it very hard to picture thoose girls acting selfishly and stepping out of a beauty saloon with the lastest hair cut and clothes showing a lot more then they should...that would be silly for ANY girl to do that.
(don't get me wrong hair-cuts are great) But true beauty comes from the inside...all girls who have made that choice have a light that shines a beautiful smile upon everybody they meet. Now don't get me wrong i am friends with some people who have cool hair cuts and stylish clothes and they are very nice people, i am only talking about the ones that think of them selfs only.

Check yourself with God...go to him and let him check your heart never let the outside beauty and selishness get the better of you. Thank Jesus for who you are in the world...a light of Jesus.


  1. Dear Briony! That Post touched my heart! You have such a way of writing! Thank you for putting that post on your blog for it is beautiful and all the words in it are ture! Love Izzy

  2. Briony this is for the penguine contest! Don't give me a blinkie if I win cause I don't have a blog I am just putting this sentence on for fun! ( bob) Hey bruce

    (bruce) Yeah bob

    (bob) I heard that you had some chocolate!

    What was that? ( said milly who came in to the conversasin)

    ( Bob) oh I was just telling bruce that I heard he had some chocolate the other day!

    ( bruce) Yeah I did have some chocolate.

    ( milly) Cool want did it taste like?

    ( bruce) Oh it tasted like fish.

    ( Bob and Milly) FISH!!

    (Bruce) Yeah fish why are you shocked?

    (bob) oh I don't think chocolate is soposed to taste like fish.

    ( milly) I know you must have had some fish before you ate it!

    ( bruce) I yeah thats why I had fish in my teeth afterwards!


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