Jan 26, 2010

Australia Day

Today is the day we Aussies get together for a barby and have fun on the day that Captain James Cook found Australia!

It is hot as it always has been on Australia Day and we are gonna fire up the BBQ soon and eat.
One thing thats not so Aussie is that i made a chocolate cake last night...not just any dry tasting chocolate cake but a chocolate mud cake! Cream...icing...mouth watering!! I LOVE CAKE!

Did you know that if it wern't for the convicts that came from England i wouldn't be here today!!!
And i must thank America for saying no to no more convicts so that England could send them to Australia.
THANK YOU!! Wow...i guess i should really thank Jesus.


  1. Great! I love Australia

  2. Wow! some times it's hard to believe that other people in the world don't celebrate the 4th of July! But they have their own holidays that we don't celebrate.


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