Dec 2, 2009

Sleep-overs and the dreaded dentist

Sorry I've not been updating my blog for a while i've been busy, very busy, super busy! First off i had a sleepover, i mean i went to one at a best friends house boy it was the best sleepover i've ever had! Maybe it was because two other friends had been invited i don't know i just felt more at home the always would. We stayed up till midnight and watch 1/2 of a movies and ate junk food (my favorite) in the morning we all got a turn of milking the cow (they live on a farm) then we had a horse riding lesson each that was the first time i ever got in the saddle on my own, that was speacil but not so speacil when the horse started to trot and believe me its not as graceful as it looks! We had some fun with her big brother and his girlfriend they really are funny, and then time for home we went but i got to admite that i wished i could have stayed for a little while longer. And today i went to the dentist (which i hate!) and got a really good clean. I got free tooth paste that makes my teeth look like pearls and i'm very sleepy now so maybe its time for bed! Well...see ya!

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  1. That sounded like fun!
    Lucky you! I got a free toothbrush and toothpaste when I went to the dentist


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