Dec 31, 2009

Abby lane

We just went to the new shops around the corner, they are so lovely!
"Gotta be country" is the name and they have created a number of small stores and called them the "Abby Lane." They have all the old fashioned furniture and quilts, candle stores, girly old fashioned stores, old fashioned cafe but my favorite would have to be the old church they've used as a shabby old fashioned gift shop, they best part about that store is that upstairs is a small little atic and it's ever so sweet and they have a bed with an old quilt an iorning board rugs and dolls, batted suit cases and it has some lovely old church windows with stained glass! Any girl who likes these thing would be dying to live there! The cafe sells a number of olden day candies and the garden is lovely, and all just a short walk from our house! You just have to go there, even the "Danish Flower Art" couldn't be this lovely!