Nov 16, 2009

Hot day, creepy and fun stuff

Yes just like it says it is hot. I am so glad we have a air con because in 2007 we didn't have one. The creepy side of the deal is spiders, funnel web spiders. They are no joke cause last week the day before we left a HUGE funnel web decided to pay us a visit, it was as big as Mum's hand when it stood up to strike! Mum says it was four center metres wide, and about six center metres long! YIKES! There are supposed to be more around this summer so we are trying to make this place funnel web safe! Well...lets move on to the less creepy side, our holiday. It was great! When we got there the unit was pretty dirty and dusty but us kids could not care less, all we wanted to do was have a swim in the surf, and we did later on, and it was supposed to be a paddle but as soon as i dropped Caleb :) and Laura was dumped by a wave and I was splashed waist high with water it was more of a swim! The rest of the holiday was wonderful as you can imagine and full of fun and laughter! That holiday went very fast and Grampy refused to put ANY sunscreen on and got badly sun burnt but apart from all that is was a blessing for the whole family!

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