Oct 28, 2009

Sunshine and School

Just finished school work, we are now learning about the convicts and have found out that one of our ancestors Mary (can't mention last name for safety reasons)  was a convict and was one of the first settlers to come to Australia from England! Lovely weather here! Sunshine and blue sky, a perfect day for a picnic, (maybe we'll have one!) Mum has been following Jessica Watson's blog for the past few days, i have only just read it now, so far things are going well for her. I have been drawing lately because i just got over a cold, and wasting a lot of paper, i did a few good ones out of fifteen pieces but i am much better with a brush. I think i hear rain right now and its sunny outside! Alright maybe we won't have a picnic!


  1. Hey Briony!
    your blog is just great!
    you have such a great gift for writing!
    Do u know who sent u this comment Me Izzy.
    Love u and keep it up!
    See ya Laura!

  2. hey Katie's ur very cute yar and so is ur mom..!!! i've seen ur blog today. u have a great art of writing. keep writing..!!!
    this is Vivek from INDIA


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